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The following list provides errata for The Crying of Lot 49, indicating places where readers have found misspellings, punctuation gaffes or other similar errors. Please note that some of these "mistakes" may be deliberate stylistic choices on the author's part. Unless otherwise noted, the list of errors refers to the 183-page edition of the novel (the first edition from Lippincott, the hardcover edition from Buccaneer Books, and the Harper Perennial paperbacks from 1986/1990). The errors also recur in the reset 152-page paperback edition from Harper Perennial (1999, reissued in 2006 with a new cover), but with the exception of “do think?” for “do you think?” and “Normany” for “Normandy,” the errors were removed from the Bantam paperback reprints.

Copyright page of the 1999/2006 edition, line 2: "1965" (should be "1966")

Page 8 of 1999/2006 ed., line 2: "surburban" (should be "suburban")

Page 87 line 16-17 (page 69, line 19 of 1999/2006 ed.) "do think?" (should be "do you think?")

Page 89 line 24 (page 71, line 18 of 1999/2006 ed.) "to see it he'd known" (should be "to see if he'd known")

Page 98 line 14 (approx page 79 of 1999/2006) "an 800-year tradition of postal fraud" From 1290 to 1966 is 676 years, so Cohen's rounded figure should be "700-year."

Page 103 line 11 (page 82, line 25 of 1999/2006 ed.) "Odeipa" (should be "Oedipa")

Page 114, line 33 (page 93, line 1 of 1999/2006 ed.) "Normany" (should be "Normandy")

Page 155, line 9 "notice" (should be "Notice")

Page 151 of 1999/2006 ed., line 3: "the only was" (should be "the only way")

Finally, it should be noted that there are several textual differences between the American editions and the English Picador/Vintage paperback, and that several additional errors have been introduced in the English paperback edition.

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