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Hi Mark,

Wow, you jumped right in! Hold off on the page-by-page annotating, though. We're still sorting out which edition might be best, and I'm leaning toward the 152-page edition which seems the one folks are most likely to have or be able to purchase.

I changed the name of that link so that it's not about the title, which is pretty obvious, to general observations.

I also did some formatting to your post which I'd like you to inspect, as it indicates how we prefer things done, i.e., always linking when referencing something that can be linked to, italicizing book titles, etc.

Thanks for being a great contributor!

WikiAdmin 11:06, 18 March 2007 (PDT) PS: Did you know that if you sign a message with 4 tildes, it puts in your user name and date/time stamp?

Hi Mark: First, PLEASE do try to conform to our formatting. Your entry about "Shrink" is so non-conforming -- no links, no italicized book title and lots of extra space between your entry and the next one. Also, if you put the "a" page number, and don't know the "b" page number, please put a:8, b? (for example).

I'm a web designer and developer and these things are important to me. Please do respect that. WikiAdmin 09:39, 19 March 2007 (PDT)

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