The Paranoids

Music plays a large role in all of Thomas Pynchon's novels, none more so the The Crying of Lot 49. The Byrds were making demos for World Pacific in 1964, consciously modeling their work on the Beatles, the Liverpool dance band that very suddenly developed an unprecedented level of fame in America in the immediate wake of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. The Byrds, developing their sound and style by consciously modeling themselves after theBeatles appear to be a primary reference for the Paranoids. "Miles", who probably was named after Miles Davis has " . . . . a Beatles haircut and a lapless, cuffless, one-button mohair suit. . . ." The Beatles have a seriously silly Let it Be outtake as Los Paranoias, available on Anthology, Volume 3

Pynchon claimed to prefer the Beach Boys over the Beatles. See Pynchon and Brian Wilson.

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